The Story Behind the Quotes

Posted: Dec 12 2012


When we started this brand our quotes were made to show the baseball world we were part of the baseball community.  Before we started tweeting in January we honestly didn't even know what twitter was.  As we have evolved quotes have become as important to us as the quality of the merchandise we produce; our brand represents our quotes and vice versa.  We cannot believe the following we have accumulated on twitter and facebook by simply tweeting and posting how we feel about baseball.  We'd like to thank all of our followers on twitter, facebook and instagram for putting up with our passion for baseball and making Baseballism what it is today.  Like us and follow us where ever you can to keep updated with America's Brand.

Tweet till Defeat

The Baseballism Team  

p.s There's plenty more where that came from.


  • Posted by Jed Casper on April 30, 2013

    Little something I like to tell my players to live by
    I CAN
    I HAVE
    I WILL.

    No matter hitting pitching or any other time in life if you stop and tell yourself
    I can do this
    I have done this (either youve actually done it or imagined it you have done it)
    I will- flat out do your best, come prepaired and you can do anything you want.
    I CAN
    I HAVE
    I WILL.

  • Posted by Kim Fultz on April 10, 2013

    I do scrapbooking baseball albums! These quotes are great! Great to send my son one before each game!

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